Bullying Prevention

Bullying Prevention

Bullying Prevention Post #1:  Resources

All K-6 students in our community are learning and practicing how to be great citizens!  As part of that learning, they have been studying lessons in Bullying Prevention from Committee for Children’s Second Step Program. 

New bullying prevention resources for parents and children have been added at CaptainCompassion.org  We will be featuring some of their videos on our Facebook page.

Who Is Captain Compassion?

She’s a bullying prevention superhero who teaches parents, kids, and her trusty sidekick Kid Kinder how to use their bystander power to help stop bullying.




Bullying Prevention Post #2:  If Your Child is Bullying

Bullying doesn’t make your child a bully; it does not define your child.  Check out this 1 minute video for advice on what to do if your child is bullying others.


Bullying Prevention Post #3:  What to Do If You Witness Bullying

Studies show bystanders are the largest group affected by bullying—70% to 90% of students say they witness bullying regularly whether in person or online.  But that doesn’t mean bystanders are just passive observers of bullying—they have the POWER to defuse bullying situations, SUPPORT their peers, and HELP create a positive environment where KINDNESS and RESPECT are the norms.


Bullying Prevention Post #4: If Your Child is Bullied
Students have been learning how to recognize the difference between problems and bullying. Problems can usually be resolved by using WITS (Walk Away, Ignore, Talk it Out, Seek Help). Bullying always has 3 components: REPEATED (happens more than once), INTENDED (purposeful), and POWER imbalance (one-sided). Bullying can happen anywhere and at any time; it should always be reported to a caring adult who can help. School staff, students and parents have an important partnership to collaborate and resolve these situations.


Bullying Prevention Post #5: Ways to Stop Bullying
Step 1: This isn’t your fault. Don’t view yourself through their eyes. Boost your self-esteem by focusing on your wonderful qualities!
Step 2: Surround yourself with people who care about you and appreciate you for exactly who you are!
Step 3: Treat a bullying situation like a grizzly bear. Ignore, don’t react or respond. There is power in numbers; surround yourself with friends so that there are fewer opportunities for the person doing the bullying to get to you. Find a way out and get help.
Step 4: Find someone you can talk to. Nobody has the right to make you feel unsafe, uncomfortable or unhappy. You do not have to tackle this problem all by yourself.