Proud Member of the Peace River School Division Family

School is open


Grades Taught

Kindergarten - Grade 6


Mr. Mitchell Hemphill


Mrs. Robyn Robertson


Vice Principal - Mrs. Sarah Wright

Office Manager - Mrs. Janet Halvorson

Office Manager - Mrs. Kristi Gillett


The EEO community will provide an atmosphere where there are high expectations for learning, using a holistic, flexible, and responsive plan with a future oriented mindset.


At E.E. Oliver School we will be an inclusive, inspiring, learning focused community that equips students for their most successful future.

At E.E. Oliver We Value

Excellence: to strive for the highest quality of one’s ability.

Achievement: to set and attain a specific goal or purpose

Growth: to improve and change for a positive purpose.

Leadership: to promote, guide and demonstrate a positive and caring direction with integrity.

Empathy: to demonstrate sympathetic understanding of another.

Sportsmanship: to demonstrate a positive attitude that promotes safety and self-esteem.